Below is a list of different sub-groups that work within RISE AND RESIST. An action group is a smaller group within RISE AND RESIST that focuses on a particular issue and plans actions around that mission.




5:30pm - 6:30pm

Impeach action Group

Rise and Resist believes Donald John Trump has committed malfeasances that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, warrant that he be impeached by the United States Congress. This action group holds a weekly protest at various location around NYC and each week we cover a different rationale for impeachment. Click Learn more to find out how to join! 

Elevator Action Group

We are a coalition of concerned New Yorkers and activists moving to push wheelchair accessibility in the subways to the top of the MTA agenda. Accessibility is not a dismissible issue. It Is not a luxury or convenience. It is a necessity and a civil right.

Read and Resist

Read and Resist is a monthly book club for the Resistance. We welcome all New Yorkers who are interested in engaging readings and insightful conversations about the challenges we face.

ELections Action Group

The RAR Elections Group is working to turn the NY State Senate blue so that progressive legislation can be passed. We originally focused on dismantling the IDC (Independent Democratic Conference), a group of eight senators who were elected as Democrats but who chose to hand control of the Senate to the Republican party, thereby blocking important progressive legislation. Our protests, postcard campaign, phone banking, and other efforts, along with the work of the other members of the True Blue NY grassroots coalition, put so much pressure on Governor Cuomo that the IDC was formally disbanded and its members forced to return to the Democratic Conference.  Since the IDC has made deals like this in the past and broken them, we are now working to support the candidates challenging the former IDC members in the September 13, 2018, state Democratic primary.  We want to put True Blue Democrats in the Senate from each of those districts.  After the primary, we will pivot to flipping red Senate districts blue in the November 2018 general election by helping with canvassing, phone banking, and get-out-the-vote efforts.


The Rise and Resist Immigration Group believes that no human being is illegal.We are dedicated to taking direct action on current U.S. immigration policies and issues, including (but not limited to!) the suspension of DACA, ongoing and increased ICE raids, arrests and detentions, the various attempts at barring Muslims and people from specific countries from entering this country, the expiration of TPS for individual countries, and building a barrier wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Click here for our ABOLISH I.C.E. campaign

TOm Cat action Group

We work in solidarity with the former Tom Cat workers leading this campaign. We stage actions that educate the public and pressure Tom Cat, and the restaurants and stores that serve its products, to publicly defend immigrant rights.