Trump’s Hometown Teaches a Lesson in How to Resist His Workplace Immigration Crackdown - In These Times

Immigrants in America are being terrorized by the Trump administration.
Tom Cat Bakery is complicit in Trump’s racist scapegoating of immigrants.
In March 2017, Tom Cat management told workers the bakery was facing an “audit” from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). This led them to fire over two dozen undocumented workers and leave them with a tiny severance package (initially nothing) of one week’s pay per year of service. These workers typically had given many years of service, as long as 16 years.
As a longtime employer of immigrant workers, Tom Cat Bakery owes their ICE-targeted employees:

  • Concrete support including a fair and decent severance package
  • A public display of solidarity

The National Employment Law Center recommends a set of best practices employers should adopt to legally protect the rights of both workers and employers facing pressure from ICE. But Tom Cat has refused to adopt these best practices.

They include:

  • Demand the required warrants from ICE agents before letting them in.
  • Alert workers if ICE is auditing the business
  • Provide fair severance to undocumented workers forced out of their jobs

Rise and Resist demands Tom Cat to do the right thing. We work in solidarity with the former Tom Cat workers leading this campaign. We stage actions that educate the public and pressure Tom Cat, and the restaurants and stores that serve its products, to publicly defend immigrant rights.

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