RAR General Meeting Facilitation Tasks


  1. Please arrive at 6:45pm. Check with reception as to which room is reserved for RAR. David and Nelio at TPF, are reponsible for setting up the room with the following information. They can usually be found at a glass enclosed desk, in the center of the Ground Floor.

  2. Confirm that there are two, long tables. One will be used for literature. It should be set up near the entrance of the room. This offers maximum visibility as people enter and exit the meeting.

  3. The second long narrow table will be used for the Slide Presenter and Note Taker. There should be one chair for each of them. This should be set up on the stage. An HDMI wire should be hooked up to the wall and available for the Slide Presenter to attach to their computer.

  4. Confirm that there is a video monitor that is turned on and set up in the center of the stage. The slide presenter will project images from a computer to this video monitor.

  5. Confirm that there are two microphones, and a white board for facilitators.

  6. Generally, Stu Waldman will arrive early with a plastic Black Box that is used to store materials needed for the meeting. Layout the contents of the box neatly on the table where the Note Taker sits.

  7. Reserve a row seats for the disabled, using the disabled signs in the black box. If these signs become tattered, David or Nelio at TPF can make copies for you at 10 cents per copy.

  8. Confirm that there are four chairs, on wheels with desks that fold up. These are for anyone else working on a computer during the meeting. These should be set up towards the back of one section of chairs.

  9. Confirm that there are approximately 60 chairs set up in rows for the members. If possible, create a semi-circle. 


  1. When closing, pack up the Black Box. The contents include: markers and erasers, cash bags, cash envelopes, Greeter paperwork, and disability signs. Stu Waldman will usually take this box home.


  1. Using a laptop, will take generalized notes on the proceedings of the meeting. If you don't have a laptop, please contact rar.facilitation@gmail.com, and we will try to procure one for you.

  2. Please request a Google Doc from rar.facilitation@gmail.com, 24 hours in advance. This Doc will be set up for Live Notes, and read by members unable to be at the meeting.

  3. If Live Notes are not used at the meeting, please send a Word Document or Pages version of the Notes to Media and Facilitation after the meeting. Contact them at at media@riseandresist.org and rar.facilitation@gmail.com.


  1. Using a laptop, will need to be able to operate a Power Point Presentation. If you don't have a laptop, please contact rar.facilitation@gmail.com, and we will try to procure one for you.

  2. Contact Neilo, the a/v specialist listed at the bottom of this page, if the video monitor is not yet on, or if you need help plugging in the HDMI cable from the wall, to your computer.

  3. Facilitation collects images for the powerpoint slides from the rar.facilitation@gmail.com email address. Contact Facilitation at that email address 24 hours in advance for the PPP.


  1. Will greet newcomers during the meeting. And answer questions about RAR, if the newcomer has any.

  2. The Facilitators will announce the Greeter to the room at the beginning and middle of the meeting.

  3. Please take the microphone and say something similar to:

  4. “Hi, my name is___, my preferred pronouns are____. I am the Greeter from the Welcoming Committee. Can I see by a show of hands, if there are any newcomers in the room tonight? Great! As I come around please raise your hand again. I have some printed information for you about how Rise And Resist operates.”

  5. At the table where the slide presenter sits, you will find a black plastic box that contains info for you. There is a black folder with the title "Welcome Committee Paperwork", and a clipboard.

  6. There is a handout sheet that explains how RAR operates. Please offer this to the newcomer.

  7. Attach a sign up sheet to the clipboard. Ask the newcomer to enter their name and email address, if they would like to receive a weekly update.

  8. At the end of the night, please photograph the page of new email addresses and email it to: welcome.rar@gmail.com

  9. If this is your first time acting as Greeter, feel free to contact welcome.rar@gmail.com for coaching.


If anyone needs assistance from the staff at TPF, there are two people you can ask for:

  1. Nelio is the a/v technician nelio.m@peoplesforum.org

  2. David is the General Mgr and sets up the room each week, (917) 499-4478, david.c@peoplesforum.org

  3. They can usually be found behind a glass-enclosed desk, at the very center of the ground floor.