We are a coalition of concerned New Yorkers and activists moving to push wheelchair accessibility in the subways to the top of the MTA agenda. Accessibility is not a dismissible issue. It Is not a luxury or convenience. It is a necessity and a civil right.




Through actions at subway stations, attending MTA meetings, petitioning community boards, writing letters, attending court hearings and working with other organizations, we are determined to make New York City’s transportation system more accessible.


EAG’s campaign, Elevators are for Everyone demands MTA reform.

The MTA must address their failure to comply with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act, 1990) as well as the simple economic imperative that people with disabilities are taxpayers. Wheelchair users are taxpayers. New Yorkers over 65 are taxpayers. Parents and caregivers who need to maneuver the subway are taxpayers. Delivery people are taxpayers. All these people ride the subway and need access to working elevators.

Out of 472 subway stations, only 110 (23%) are accessible under the ADA. By excluding people with disabilities from the subways, Cuomo and the MTA are complicit in rejecting our civil rights, forcing us to fend for ourselves or rely on inferior transportation options. New York City is dead last in the country by percentage of accessible subway stations.. Given the success of other old American cities in improving access to their subways, excuses like cost and age of stations are not valid.

New York City is currently experiencing a breakdown of the subway due to years of neglect, and prioritizing vanity projects over basic system maintenance. New Yorkers are experiencing delays like never before, without realizing that this has been the daily reality of wheelchair users for decades. The current $1 Billion "Enhanced Station Initiative" prioritizes cosmetic improvements over reliable service and access for people with disabilities. As the MTA and the State of New York grapple with bringing overall service back to the system, it is imperative that elevators are part of their long-term plans and part of ALL station renovations and enhancements in the future. Not doing so is a major liability for all New Yorkers and jeopardizes our city's future.

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