The groups below are the gears that keep RISE And RESIST running and underline all the amazing actions we do! The working groups are open to everyone and, for the most part, have weekly meetings outside of our general meeting on Tuesday. Check our events page for meeting times!

Communication and Media

The Communication and Media team handle press and social media for RISE and RESIST as a whole and the subset action groups. s


The Facilitation Team is responsible for preparing the agenda, running the meeting, taking notes, and providing solutions for accessibility requests.

Emergency Response Team

The Emergency Response Team (ERT) is a group of seven individuals elected by the members of Rise and Resist and empowered to make decisions about actions on behalf of Rise and Resist when an urgent need arises between weekly meetings.


The Finance Group develops financial policies and procedures for Rise and Resist, collects and distributes funds in coordination with the general meetings and floor votes, reviews and signs financial contracts, tracks and reports financial details, and administers our bank account and other financial accounts.

Welcome Committee

The Welcome Committee organizes introductions for new members at the Tuesday night meetings. If you are a new member and have questions on how to get involved, this is the group to reach out to! 


The Fundraising group takes charge of organizing different events that help fund RISE And RESIST. Please contact this group if you have ideas or want to help out on some fun social events!