6.3 Rise and Resist at Queens Pride!

6.1 Jericho Walk to #EndFamilySeparation

5.30 Justice for Claudia González / Justicia para Claudia González

5.24 Cards Against Inhumanity: A Postcard Party!

5.23 Trump in NYC on 5/23! Take to the Streets!

5.23 MTA Board Meeting: Byford Presents Accessibility Project

5.21 Volunteer Orientation

5.20 Read and Resist Book Club: "The End of Policing" by Alex Vitale

5.20 Don't Bank on the Bomb!

5.18 Peter Hujar: Speed of Life

5.17 Rise and Resist Impeach Protest: Columbus Circle

5.17 L Train Press Conference: We Need Elevators

5.16 Impeach Pruitt Day of Action NYC

5.15 Transformative Justice with Andy Izenson - Tuesday at 7pm

5.14 Get on the bus to Albany with the Poor People's Campaign

5.11 Hang Up Your Badge Officer (on this weeping cherry tree)

5.11 Spend an Hour Protesting Fedex Fri 5/11 noon to Sat 5/12 2pm

5.10 Cards Against Inhumanity: A Postcard Party!

5.10 Drum Dark Money Out of Politics! Rebekah Mercer Action

5.10 Accessible Subway Stations Now!

5.7 Rally & March for Accessibility: 72nd St. B/C Station

5.3 Protest - Sean Hannity's Lies

4.29 Blue Wave: Rally for Zellnor Myrie

4.29 Blue Wave: Rally for Jessica Ramos

4.29 Blue Wave: Rally for Alessandra Biaggi

4.29 Blue Wave Rally for a True Blue NY in SD 38

4.29 Blue Wave: Rally for Jasmine Robinson

4.29 Blue Wave: Rally for Rachel May

4.29 Blue Wave Rally for a True Blue NY in SD11

4.29 Blue Wave: Rally for Robert Jackson

4.28 Read and Resist Book Club: "How Democracies Die" by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt

4.28 Birddogging for Single-Payer

4.26 Tell Joe Lhota full accessibility now!

4.26 Stop Sabotaging Healthcare Law! Rise and Resist Impeach Protest

4.23 Postcard Party by Postcards to Voters

4.19 Rise and Resist Impeach Protest: Impeach the Obstructors

4.18 Cards Against Inhumanity: A Postcard Party!

4.12 Protest the IDC Fundraiser

4.5 Impeach Nyet! Weekly Impeach Protest

4.1 Rise and Resist at the Easter Parade!

3.29 Weekly Impeach Protest: Stop 45's Racist Attacks on Immigrants

3.28 Cards Against Inhumanity: A Postcard Party!

3.25 Stormy Daniels Tea Dance! (& 60 Minutes Viewing Party)

3.25 Read and Resist Book Club: When They Call You a Terrorist

3.24 NYC - March For Our Lives

3.21 Anti-IDC phone banking

3.18 #riseandresist Twitter Training

3.17 Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Training with DSA

3.15 Weekly Impeach Protest: Impeach 45!

3.15 Time's Up Wendy's March in NYC!

3.15 Rally & March: ICE Out of the Courts!

3.14 Enough! National School Walkout

3.13 Rise and Resist Meeting with guest Original Dreamer Tereza Lee

3.8 Weekly Impeach Protest: 100 Reasons To Impeach

3.5 Courthouse Rally! Support Oral Arguments on Subway Elevator Case

3.3 Stop Harassing Women!

3.1 Weekly Impeach Protest: Perfidy

2.28 Cards Against Inhumanity: A Postcard Party!

2.25 Activist Disco Party!

2.25 Read and Resist Book Club: Direct Action by L.A. Kauffman

2.22 Weekly Impeach Protest: How Many More Have To Die?

2.15  Weekly Impeach Protest: Trump Degrades Women

2.11 The Resistance Wants You! - recruitment meeting

2.10 Everything For Andrew Kearse - Bus trip to Schenectady NY for March

2.8 Weekly Impeach Protest: Obstruction of Justice

2.7 Cards Against Inhumanity: A Postcard Party

2.3 Beginning of the Year Discussion, Continued

2.1 Weekly Impeach Protest: Impeach the Disgrace

1.25 Weekly Impeach Protest: Fire the Racist!

1.20 Rise & Resist at NYC Women's March: Together We Rise For Justice

1.18 Weekly Impeach Protest: This Land Is Our Land

1.12 Tomcat Action - No Justice, No Bread!

1.9 Rise and Resist Meeting with special guest Zephyr Teachout

1. 8 Tell TriBeCA Residents that Disabled People Deserve Access

1.7 Anti-IDC Phone Banking

1.4 Weekly Impeach Protest: Emoluments Violations!, Grand Central Terminal

1.3 Hands Off Mueller! Navy Recruiting Station Times Square


12.28 Weekly Impeach Protest: Leadership vs. Tweetership, Twitter, Inc.

12.21 Weekly Impeach Protest: Dear Santa, We Want Impeachment, the globe at Columbus Circle

12.17  Rise and Resist End of Year Discussion,  LGBT Center

12.16  MTA Elevator Protest: This Station is a Dinosaur, 77th & Central Park West

12.14 Weekly Impeach Protest: Sexual Assault - Fox News Building

12.8 Tomcat Action - No Justice, No Bread!

12.7 Marshal Training

12.7  Weekly Impeach Protest, Federal Hall

12.2 2nd Annual Youth March Against Police Brutality, Bronx

12.2  Protest at Trump's $1000/plate breakfast, Cipriani's

11.30 Weekly Impeach Protest, Columbus Circle

11.20  Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigil, the Arch at Washington Square Park

11.17  Tomcat Action, NO JUSTICE NO BREAD, Columbus Circle

11.16  Weekly Impeach Protest, 40 Wall Street

11.15  Elevators are for Everyone, Rally at MTA Headquarters

11.14  Rise and Resist Meeting

11.07  Repair the Despair - Scream with Rise and Resist, the Oculus

11.07  Rise and Resist Meeting

11.04  The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!, NYC Times Square 

11.02  Rise and Resist Birddog Training

10.31  The Emperor Has No Clothes, Village Halloween Parade

10.30  New Sanctuary Coalition training for Rise and Resist

10.28  5 Years After Sandy: We Remember, We Resist, We Rise

10.20  Tomcat Action - NO JUSTICE, NO BREAD

10.19  Welcome Wagon for Paul Ryan

10.17  Rise and Resist Meeting

10.17  Take a Knee at the NFL Fall League Meeting

10.16  Stranded By Cuomo Flash Mob

10.15  NoMuslimBan Prayer and Vigil

10.14  Voices 4 Chechnya - A March from Stonewall to Trump Tower UN

10.13  Tom Cat Action - No Justice, No Bread

10.11  Rainbow Flag to Fly Permanently in NYC

10.11  Call-in Day! Tell Congress to Defend the Mueller Investigation

10.04  Marshal Training for Protests

09.29  Tom Cat Action - No Justice, No Bread

09.25  RAR Bystander Emergency First Aid Training

09.23  STOP the Zombie Republican Health Care Bill! Funeral Procession

09.22  No Justice No Bread - Protest of Tom Cat Bakery

09.20  Quit Trump, Gary Cohn!

09.18  Rise and Resist Against White Supremacy

09.17  Casey Spooner DJ set - benefit for Rise and Resist

09.17  Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Training

09.16  Inclusivity Training

09.16  We Will Not Be Silent (Immigration Postcard Action)

09.15  Marshal Training for Protests

09.10 End Global LGBTQ Persecution NOW, Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza

09.05  Gillibrand and Schumer: Strengthen Our Healthcare

08.30  March to #DefendDACA! Immigrants are Here to Stay

08.14  No War! No Hate! March, NYPL at 42 Street to Central Park

08.13  Rise and Resist Against White Supremacy and for Racial Justice, Grand Central Station

08.09  Marshal Training for Protests

08.05  Civil Disobedience Training

08.04 Rise and Resist Movie Night - In The Wake: A Record of Direct Action

08.04 Emergency Rally: #Justice4TeeTee #SilenceIsDeath

08.02  TAKEN from US: Stand Against Detention and Incarceration

07.29  Marshal Training with ACT UP

07.26  Take Action: Protect Abortion & Birth Control Access in NY

07.20  Access Denied Press Conference & Rally

07.20  Jericho Walk

07.06  KOCH Addiction KILLS

07.05  Phonebank Party Against Trumpcare

07.04 Illuminated the UN at the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks

07.01  Activist Social Media Training by Rise and Resist

06.25  NYC Pride March

06.23  Rise and Resist Pre-Pride T-Shirt and Sticker Selling Shindig!

06.21  Vigil to Save U.S. Health Care

06.21  Rise and Resist Protests Scott Pruitt (EPA), the Harvard Club

06.20  World Refugee Day Action - City of Refuge Coalition

06.16 Vigil Against Hate - Call For a Hate Crime Charge

06.15 The IDC is Failing New York

06.14  Gilbert Baker Memorial Rally & March

06.14  Trump's Birthday Protest NYC

06.13  State of Emergency: Ban Hate Not Muslims! Frank Gaffney Protest

06.12  Pulse Memorial Rally--Marking One Year

06.11  Solidarity For Chechnya March

06.05  Rise And Resist Protests Indonesian Persecution of LGBT

06.03  March for Truth

06.01  No More Fascist Killings! Remembering Portland Heroes

05.25  Protest Trump's Global Gag Rule, Columbus Circle

05.20  Brighton Beach Pride, Brooklyn

05.19 Which Side Are You On, Jeff Klein?

05.05  Trump is Un-Welcome in Jersey

05.04  Protest of Trump's NYC Speech On the Intrepid

04.29  100 Days of Failure, Trump Tower

04.21  Which Side Are You On, Jose Peralta?

04.15  Tax March

04.07  Which Side Are You On, David Carlucci?

04.02  Rise and Resist Nonviolent Civil Disobedience (CD) Training

04.01  March for Health

03.30  ACT UP 30th Anniversary March and Rally

03.24 Which Side Are You On / ¿De qué lado estás, Marisol Alcantara?

03.23  Heritage of Pride Board Meeting Disruption

03.21  Medicaid Block Grants Kill

03.12  Rise and Resist Nonviolent Civil Disobedience (CD) Training

03.10  Which Side Are You On, Diane Savino?

03.04  Real New Yorkers Don't "March 4 Trump"

02.27 Protest of Steve Feinberg's Proposed Appointment

02.18  Mock Funeral for the American Presidency, Washington Square Park

01.28  New Yorkers to Chuck Schumer: Grow a Spine!

01.21  The Women's March, NYC

01.20  Stand Against Trump March, NYC

01.20  Inauguration Disruption, Washington DC

01.15  "Cough-In" at Trump Tower

01.11  Trump Press Conference Protest, Trump Tower

01.08  New Yorkers to Chuck Schumer: Grow a Spine!

01.05  Dump Trump Crawl


12.22  Protest at NikeTown, Trump Tower

12.15  Rescind or Resign Protest, Trump Tower

 11.22 Rise and Resist first meeting, LGBT Center, Room 101, NYC