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Return the Children To Their Families

Join Rise and Resist during this legal picket to demand the more than 3,000 immigrant children be returned to their families immediately. 

Return the Children!

Thursday, July 26th is the second court-appointed deadline for this immoral administration to return the children who have been maliciously taken from their parents, guardians, and families. 

We cannot say “we never knew”. We know and now is the time to demand Trump and the GOP reunite all families that were separated at the border. 

No more excuses!
No more delays!
No more missed deadlines!

At the protest we’ll have signs, flyers, and empty strollers that will represent the children who are not with their families. We encourage everyone to bring their empty strollers, as well as their hand-made and group signs/props too. 

We must never forget, and we must continue to fight to make sure that every single family is reunited. 

Return the Children!