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March Against Rapist Cops: Justice 4 Anna Chambers

  • Washington Square Park 11 Washington Square Circle New York, NY 10018 United States (map)

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On September 15, undercover Brooklyn South narcotics detectives Richard Hall and Edward Martins kidnapped and raped 18 y/o Anna Chambers while she was in handcuffs. The NYPD are trying to avoid blame by claiming it was "consensual," although we know that's impossible. 

We are angry but not surprised when police are perpetrators of sexual violence. 

Sexual violence and misogyny are at the foundation of the police institution and systemic. Rape has been a tool used by police to aid the genocide and oppression of Black and Indigenous women since the colonization of the Americas. We understand sexual violence to be intrinsically tied racism. Just last year, Daniel Holtzclaw was sentenced to 263 years in prison for raping 12 Black girls. However, not all rapist cops are brought to justice. We stand with Anna Chambers, as well as all Black and Brown women who have experienced police violence.

Further, domestic violence is four times more common in police families than the general population. 
Sexual abuse is the second most reported form of police misconduct, and the perpetrators often repeat offenders. 
Reports of sexual violence against police are PRIMARLY made by women of color.
15% of trans individuals have been sexually assaulted by police, which more than doubles (32%) for Black trans individuals.

As long as cops defend rapists on their force, all cops are complicit in sexual violence. JOIN US on November 30th to demand justice for Anna Chambers and an end to police terror.

#WeBelieveYou #FuckRapistCops #FuckThePatriarchy