March 22

Stop Sabotaging Healthcare Law! Weekly Impeach Protest

Harlem Hospital, 512 Lenox Ave.

By deliberately sabotaging Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act, the law of the land, President Trump is declaring that human life is expendable. President Trump is violating the law and risking our health and well-being by, among other things, discontinuing some financial assistance for low-income enrollees, slashing the ACA advertising budget and funding for enrollment assisters, putting out untrue negative advertising about the ACA, dramatically cutting back the annual open enrollment period, and supporting a health care bill last year that would have caused millions to loose their health insurance.

As part of the Rise and Resist Weekly Impeach Protest, health professionals and workers, community activists, and patients concerned about their future health care will gather at Harlem Hospital, one of New York City's premier safety net institutions, on Thursday, March 22nd at 5:15pm. We’ll call out all the ways in which Trump has endangered us in the name of political vindictiveness, and demand that he keep the ACA and Mediciad intact, and develop a plan to guarantee affordable health care for ALL in America.

Nearest accessible subway station is the 135th 2/3 stop. Elevator for northbound service at northeast corner of 135 Street and Lenox Avenue; elevator for southbound service at southwest corner.Bus connections: M7, M102, Bx33