Public Schools in New York State Are Owed Over $4 Billion!

Why Aren’t They Getting It?


Look no further than eight turncoat Democrats in the NY State Senate.
Known as the IDC (Independent Democratic Conference), these eight senators have allied
themselves with Republicans to block progressive legislation. These senators were elected as
Democrats, but once they got to Albany they caucused with Republicans and handed control of the
Senate to them. For more info on the IDC click here.

When the $4.2 billion funding bill came up for a vote in 2017, all eight walked out of the
Senate chamber!
The bill was killed; public schools were denied nearly $1,500 per student.

Despite this, Michael Mulgrew has pledged UFT support for their 2018 re-election
It makes no sense for a teachers union to back candidates who are hostile to public
education when there are better options!

Tell the UFT: Support these pro-education NY Senate candidates running against the IDC:

Alessandra Biaggi challenging Jeff Klein (Bronx/Westchester)

Julie Goldberg challenging David Carlucci (Rockland County)

Robert Jackson challenging Marisol Alcantara (Manhattan)

John Liu challenging Tony Avella (Queens)

Rachel May challenging David Valesky (Syracuse)

Zellnor Myrie challenging Jesse Hamilton (Brooklyn)

Jessica Ramos challenging Jose Peralta (Queens)

Jasmine Robinson challenging Diane Savino (Staten Is. & Brooklyn)

And vote for them in the Democratic primary on Thurs Sept 13!