We the people of New York State demand that Governor Cuomo call special elections for Senate seats vacated by Democrats Ruben Diaz (District 32, Bronx) and George Latimer (District 37, Westchester County) TODAY, as well as for 9 empty assembly seats. Every day he stalls (see above), he denies representation to over half a million voters in the Senate districts alone for important legislation discussions, like budget talks in late March* that will have huge impact on their lives. 

Please call Cuomo's offices demanding that special elections happen TODAY, and let him know that we are counting the days of his delay. 518-474-8390 (#2 for a live person).

Please also post this page to social media so that more eyes will be on him, and to encourage more people to hold him accountable.

Call script:

"Hi, I would like to know if Governor Cuomo has announced his timeline for calling special elections for the seats vacated on New Years Day by Senators George Latimer and Ruben Diaz. I am concerned that this hasn't happened already and hope that he will immediately do what he MUST do to give fair representation to these districts."

If you have time on the phone, additional request below:

"Please bring real Democrat Senate leaders into the late March budget discussions, regardless of whether or not a reunified Democrat majority has been achieved. There is no reason why Stewart-Cousins can not be brought into those talks, and as a Democratic governor it would be in fact strange to continue to exclude real Democrats from this critical discussion."


*Because of a mandatory 70 day waiting period, if special elections are called by Cuomo on January 5, the earliest the elections can actually be held are March 16. So, the time being lost is substantially more than the days that are passing right now.
what’s up?

what’s up?